Health & Wellness

Now more than ever the term “wellness” is being heard in the news, on the radio and at work. There is no universal definition of wellness. Wellness is a multidimensional term used to describe a state of being with regards to positive health in a person as well as their quality of life and sense of wellbeing. MehraVista Health has defined some of the states of wellness and can assist in developing, orchestrating and maintaining wellness programs for our client companies.

Physical Wellness
Physical wellness relates to physical development, nutrition,
exercise and disease management.

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Weight Loss Basics
Information on diet plans, diet and exercise, supplements and surgery.

American Cancer Society
Information for patients, family, friends, survivors and caregivers

American Diabetes Association
Research, lifestyles, prevention, nutrition and fitness.

American Heart Association
Information on cardiovascular diseases for patients, caregivers
and healthcare professionals.

American Lung Association
Information on allergies, asthma, smoking and treatments.

American Pain Foundation
A nonprofit organization serving poeple with pain through advocacy and support.

Arthritis Foundation
A nonprofit organization that supports 100 types of arthritis relates conditions

Mayo Clinic
Health and wellness website on diseases and conditions.

Spiritual Wellness
Finding a meaning and purpose in life.

Mental Wellness
Being free from depression, anxiety and other behavioral health conditions.

Social Wellness
Social wellness relates to the positive interactions.we have with others,
leisure activities and communicating with others.

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Occupational Wellness
This is the satisfaction and enrichment received from our jobs.

Volunteer Opportunities
Provides 51,000 organizations in 165 countries for volunteer work

Environmental Wellness
This is about respecting nature and our physical environment

Consumer Products Safety Commission
Information on family, home, recreation and safety issues;recalled products.

The American Red Cross
Emergency preparedness and safety

Emotional Wellness
Managing your feelings and emotions and accepting others’ feeling and emotions.

Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health
Learning materials and exercises to help manage your life’s challenges

Healthy Relationships
Is your relationship with your partner healthy? How to
stay healthy with your loved ones.

Financial Wellness
Understanding of your financial situation and taking care of it in case there are changes.