Florida-based since 2007, MehraVista has emerged as an innovative leader in the provision of Employee Assistance Programs, mental health and substance abuse disease management services. Our diverse, rich and personalized services set us apart from our competition. Unfortunately, carrier affiliated Employee Assistance Programs are imbedded as an afterthought into an insurance product. This commoditization of prepackaged EAPs has rendered them anemic and ineffective.

Our focus is simple – help organizations take care of their employees in a safe, responsive and respectful manner. Our methodology is to provide a highly visible, easily accessible, personalized, and confidential Employee Assistance Program. Our exclusive private label PPO network enhances the services we deliver. Our customized, targeted approach helps us identify the provider profile that is best suited for an organization’s needs. Unlike most other EAP organizations, MehraVista seeks out community-based support organizations such as hospices, domestic violence shelters, etc. to complement our individual provider network. MehraVista’s organizational values of community can help your company create and maintain a culture of caring and compassion synonymous with your organization’s commitment to your employees.

Our goal is to offer proactive (rather than reactive) programming to maintain, restore and elevate the overall physical and emotional health of your organization. MehraVista will be accountable and transparent for the costs and benefits associated with our services.

Employee Assistance Program Benefits

  • Reduce Healthcare/Insurance Costs
  • Reduce Worker’s Compensation Claims
  • Resolve Employer/Employee Conflicts
  • Increase Productivity
  • Coordination of Services with your Insurance Provider

Employee Assistance Program Components

  • Problem Identification/Assessment and Referral
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Short-term Problem resolution
  • Monitoring and Follow-Up Services
  • Training of Organization Leadership
  • Organizational Consultation
  • Program Promotions and Education
  • Drug-Free Workplace

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

EAPs are a wide spectrum of services designed to assist the employer, employee and family members in a variety of personal, social and environmental situations. Services are confidential and are available at no cost to the employee, spouse, or covered dependent(s), 24/7, 365 days a year via the toll-free phone number.