How much does EAP cost?
The EAP costs nothing to the employee or family member.

What are the procedures for obtaining program services?
The employee or family member calls the EAP local or toll-free number. An Intake Service Representative takes down information such as name, address, date of birth, nature of the problem and other demographic information and a referral to a local Employee Assistance (EA) Counselor is given to the employee/family member.

How many visits do I get for EAP counseling?
The number of visits for EAP counseling depend on where the employee/family member works and how many visits their company has purchased. Typically, most employees and/or family members have 3 visits per year.

Does each member in my family get three (3) visits per year?
Most EAP plans only allow for a set number of visits per family. You can ask the Intake Service Representative about how your company benefit plan works.

What if I need more than three (3) visits?
Your EA Counselor is available to talk to you about community resources. If you need more formal services such as psychotherapy, you can be referred to someone on your health insurance plan.

Is EAP confidential?
Absolutely. No information is shared with your employer.

What is the difference between voluntary and mandatory service?
When employees/family members seek EAP on their own this is considered voluntary. When a supervisor or Human Resources representative refers an employee to EAP due to breaking a major policy (positive drug screen, threats, etc) this is considered mandatory.