CEO of MehraVista Health Provides Medical Keynote for the NFL Players Association

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CEO of MehraVista Health Provides Medical Keynote for the NFL Players Association

MehraVista Health announced today that its CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Rahul N. Mehra, M.D. provided the medical keynote for a recent event hosted by the NFL Players Association. The event was entitled Beyond the Physical: A Symposium on Mental Health in Sports and intended to raise awareness about mental health and promote the inclusion of mental health as part of an overall wellness plan. The event included topics that ranged from mental health’s effects on performance and the pressures of being a professional athlete. It was held on May 14, 2018 at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Convention Center in Atlanta. Sponsors of the event included the NFL, NFL Players Association, and Cigna.

A nationally recognized performance physician over the last thirty years, Dr. Mehra currently advises Major League Baseball, political leaders, physicians, C-Suite executives and lawyers on sensitive matters of stress, peak performance, relationships, family, substance abuse, business/financial pressures and workplace safety. Dr. Mehra is the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of MehraVista Health, LLC, a Florida based, national healthcare organization focused on improving human performance at work, home, school and in athletics. Clients include corporations, non-profits, academic institutions, athletic departments at colleges and individual families. Dr. Mehra is a dually Board-Certified physician and a former Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine.

“I am very excited to have helped educate the NFL Players Association on the importance of mental health in sports,” said Rahul N. Mehra, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of MehraVista Health. “We started some meaningful conversations that will make significant impact.”

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MehraVista Health specializes in solving employers’ behavioral health costs and productivity problems. We offer a variety of custom designed products that allows employers to choose the program best suited to meet their company’s needs. MehraVista Health is committed to the provision of ethical, quality, responsible and affordable behavioral health services. We have over 60 years of combined experience developing and successfully operating EAPs and behavioral health programs with a proven track record of cost containment. MehraVista Health can provide a win-win situation for your employees. An EAP assures a cost-effective way to assist and retain employees.

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