Drowning is a Serious Threat to Families with Small Children

The relaxed days of summer vacation can be deadly and tragic for families with small children in Florida.  The Centers for Disease Control report Florida overwhelmingly has the highest unintentional drowning rate in the nation for 1-4 year olds.  Between January and October 2011, 55 children, between the ages of 0-4 died in Florida.  In 2013, between January and June, 19 toddlers have died in the 12 counties of Central Florida as reported by the Department of Children and Families.  For every child that dies, 5 more receive emergency care for non-fatal submersion that often leads to irreversible brain damage. Florida Department


As carefree summer vacation draws to a close, be aware of DIDASKALEINOPHOBIA (fear of going to school).  School avoidance, school refusal and school phobia are more common terms interchangeably used to describe a constellation of behaviors occurring among 1-5% of school aged children.  School avoidance occurs most often in 5 to 6 year olds and 10 to 11 year olds.  Rates are similar among boys and girls.  The behaviors happen after a prolonged break like vacation, returning to school after an illness or after a traumatic event the child or family has incurred. Behaviors among 5 to 6 year olds