Employee Assistance Program

MehraVista has become the leader in Employee Assistance Programs by providing services that are robustly promoted in the workplace. Our high visibility and engagement drives easy access and availability. Our concierge, high touch approach easily distinguishes us from our competition. 

Work/Life Balance

Due to pressures and demands of everyday life, employees may need the resources that will help decrease stress for themselves and their families.  Work/Life balance promotes healthy lifestyle choices such as smoking cessation, weight loss and maintenance of healthy biometrics.

Disease Management

MehraVista’s private label national PPO network provides an exclusive approach to the process of mental health/substance abuse disease management. We provide pre-certification, concurrent reviews, and retrospective appeals/denials for all levels of care.

Why Choose MehraVista Health?

Led by a nationally renowned, highly experienced management team, MehraVista is considered a thought leader in the realm of employee assistance programs. MehraVista provides prompt, responsive and compassionate expertise to preserve and maintain organizational human capital to:
  • Reduce labor costs by 25% by increasing productivity
  • Improve employee mental health and boost efficiency
  • Recover 25% of productivity related losses that can cost companies nearly $20,000.00 per employee per year
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MehraVista Health Employee Video

MehraVista Health Employer Video